photographer: Monica Stuurop

Change is the only constant, my desire is to contribute to a meaningful change.

I believe in a world where there is space to be touched by stories. Those kind of stories that you’ll only find, if you look carefully enough.

I tell these kind of stories as an artist. As a graphic designer I help others to find the right form to tell theirs.

Rhodé Tavenier

Rhodé Tavenier (1995) is a Dutch graphic designer and artist currently based between The Netherlands and Latvia. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague in 2019, with the video installation Polarity Of Possessions.

Through the creation of books, videos, collages, assemblages, writings and photographs she interprets and expresses the world around her in an often very pure, intuitive and honest way. She prefers to see herself as a Visual Poet in stead of the more traditional labels such as Graphic Designer or Artist.

The concept of collage and assemblage happens to be a fascination of hers. Collage in the sense of taking existing elements out of context, to reorganize them into a new reality, almost like sculpting. The element of surprise and ability to create something out of nothing makes collage an endless source of inspiration. During her internship at the Verbeke Foundation she wrote her thesis on this topic.


2013-2014 Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, Prepatory Year
2014-2019 Royal Academy of Arts The Hague, Graphic Design, BA


2018 Verbeke Foundation, Belgium, Graphic Design Intern


2016 Participation Kunstroute Noordwijk, The Netherlands
2017 Intended Failure, Studio 165, DCR, The Hague
2017 Installation AJ Power | Maja, Kipsala Hall, Riga, Latvia
2017 Sexy-times, NDSM Sociëteit Sexyland, Amsterdam
2017 Somewhere in Between Fiction & Future, DB, The Hague
2017 Electro Library, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2018 Models for Humanity, Theater Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018 Other Voices, Royal Academy Of Arts, The Hague
2018 Time Within Time, Verbeke Foundation, Internship, Belgium
2019 TheSis Group Expo, NDSM Sociëteit Sexyland, Amsterdam
2019 Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
2019 LichktKunstGouda 2019, Gouda, The Netherlands
2020 Het Broeikaseffect, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
2021 Kunstklank De Nieuwe Wereld, Noordwijk, The Netherlands