Kaartenserie Alledaagse Rouw

Het Bilbo boek

Visuele Identiteit De Nieuwe Wereld

“Rhodé is driven, accurate and continuously thinks along with the client. She is very talented and works from a great inner passion. With a keen eye for her environment and her very own signature, she creates beautiful concepts that seem to come about completely naturally and organically.”


“By using natural materials and designing a new font, our production images have been given a very high-quality and authentic look. Besides that she is a very nice and warm person. Working with Rhodé is simply very pleasant!”

Femke, PR KunstKlank

“Rhodé is very creative and also very friendly. While enjoying a cup of tea, we achieved great results in a few sessions.”


Het Broeikas Effect Zine

“Rhodé is a good listener and a good collaborator. Ideas for the design of my book were patiently reviewed and considered. She works with love and compassion.”


Video Installatie Polarity Of Possessions

“You make and maintain contact with an extra twist and a natural charm. You are curious and eager to learn. You clearly communicate your vision without being too bold. You have a wide range of interests and think along with the customer. You work accurately and deliver professional work, agreements are kept.”


Performance The Growing Gap